Certa Fides' Meltdown Analyser - who measures wins.

Method of Meldown Analysis

Based on research conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH, Laboratory of Food Process Engineering), Switzerland, Certa Fides has developed a standardised measurement method as well as a measurement system that enable the efficient and objective quantification of the meltdown behaviour of ice cream.

The key facts of the method are as follows:
  • Perfectly designed for product development and quality assurance
  • Minimal labour input for the whole measurement procedure, short pay back period
  • Highly efficient by simultaneous measurement of 4 samples
  • Rapid availability of results
  • Enables to compare recipes, production batches, -parameters und -lines
  • Gaining certainty and assuring quality
  • Minimal initial effort and quick implementation of the method by means of the Meltdown Analyser

For more information about the method please send an email to meltdown(at)certa-fides.com


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