Certa Fides' Meltdown Analyser - who measures wins.

Meltdown Analyser 2nd Generation


MDATC2 - Meltdown Analyser 2nd generation temperature controlled humidity registered

     What's new with 2nd generation (key features only)?
  • Embedded PC with Win 10 IoT Enterprise (Standard)    or
  • External PC with Win 10 Professional 64
  • Option 8 cameras
    What has not changed with 2nd generation:
  • Simultaneous measurement of 4 standard samples or 2 bars
  • Combined Weight + Image analysis
  • Data acquisition (measurement) AND Data evaluation
  • Temperature controlled with Peltier Technology
  • Temperature control assured by MEMMERT longterm experience
  • Humidity registered
  • Specific Software Application called MDA Application
  • Ready to Use
  • Robust
  • Exportation to pdf report
  • Exportation to Excelfile

Interior of the MDATC2 during a meltdown test

30th April 2019

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