Certa Fides' Meltdown Analyser - who measures wins.

Application Ice Cream

Objective quantification of the meltdown behaviour ("meltdown tests") of ice cream is the conventional application of the MDA.

Determining the meltdown behaviour of ice cream through a combination of image analysis and conventional weight analysis was the driving force for developing the Meltdown Analyser.

Movie "Meltdown of Strawberry Ice Cream" shows an ice cream sample exposed to a temperature of 20 Celsius for 180 minutes. The ice cream exhibits good shape retention as well as high meltdown resistance.

For a scientific background of meltdown resistance, we highly recommend visiting

'Structure of ice cream' by Prof. H. Douglas Goff of the University of Guelph as well as

'Meltdown Behavior as Quality Measure' by Dr. Bruce Tharp and Dr. Steven Young.


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